As I have time I will be updating the site in the days to come.

In recent days the Peterman family and the ministry of Pastor David Peterman has been in a transition.  As a result of this transition, many of the links to audio and video recordings are no longer available and the reader will find many links no longer working.  This is unfortunate, and in time I hope to edit these links out and make improvements on the site as I am able.

I hope to reshape the site over time and improve upon it.  I plan on keeping the sermon outlines and adding to them, I also hope to maintain and expand the Baptist history area of the site, and finally the site will become the internet record of the Peterman family’s ministry.  The Peterman family ministry updates can be found HERE.

The outlines on this site, as always, unless indicated in the outlines themselves, are the fruit of my own studies.  All the material on this page is FREE to be used and it is my prayer that God may use them to be a blessing.  Below you will find a list of the most recent posts.  There is also a search option if you are looking for something particular as well as a categories list to help you find what you are looking for.  If the site is a blessing to you in anyway, please let me know by commenting or shooting me an email: HERE.

Pastor Peterman 11/22/2014